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About Us

As a veteran high school teacher, I pride myself in my intuitiveness and my in depth understanding of the teenage culture. That being said, I have formed many theories about educating young women. One theory being there is a direct correlation between comfort of the school uniform, style and academic success.

After a comprehensive study of the uniform blouse and all its details, I came to the conclusion that there’s got to be a better way to keep students tucked in, comfy without sacrificing teen uniform chic.   

In my extensive research, I discovered that to most students the bulky sleeve and bunched up shirt tails make it a less than perfect attire. Rumor has it that most students spend a good part of their school careers dissecting their uniform blouses, cutting off a sleeve here and a shirt tail there.

We at Unishell knew there had to be a better, more comfortable solution.



About the Product. 

Our product goes to the head of the class, it meets every need on the student wish list. We have every school uniform blouse, it is sleeve free (no bulky sleeve to contend with), it has a crisp collar and to the delight to every mother, it is non-iron.